The Andrew London TrioIt’s jazz but not for the purists

‘It’s jazz but not for the purists’ according to Downbeat USA ‘s review of The Andrew London Trio’s 2014 album ‘Ladies a Plate’.

The song titles give some idea of what to expect: ‘Let’s Talk About Me’, ‘I Hugged My Mate’, ‘Country’s Buggered’, ‘If I Could Only Have a Rav’. Andrew London’s whimsical songs reflect the national psyche with gentle irreverence, and playfully lampoon many of New Zealand society’s obsessions and taboos. Themes run the gamut from rugby fans, television evangelists, politicians and weddings to male insecurities, technophobia, youth culture, household appliances, pretentious socialites, parenthood, and various other issues of concern to the average middle-aged, middle-class Middle-Earth-dwelling Kiwi.

Andrew London and his trio (Nils Olsen on saxophone & clarinet; Kirsten London bass) present an intimate two-hour rundown of the State of the Nation in story and song, exploring our deeply held social conventions and forcing us to laugh a little at ourselves…no small thing these days. It’s as if you’ve been invited in for a cuppa and a good old gossip about how things were different ‘back in my day’.

Recent reviewers have made comparisons to Fred Dagg, Flanders and Swann…even Noel Coward, and after a recent appearance live on Jim Mora’s National Radio show, one commentator remarked ‘The Andrew London Trio are Flight of the Conchords for Rest Homes’.

Apart from his trio’s two albums ‘Middle Class White Boy Blues’ and ‘Ladies a Plate’, London’s recorded work includes eight albums with swing trio Hot Club Sandwich, one of which gained a 4-star review in Downbeat USA, the world’s longest running jazz magazine. He also features on two albums by country rockers ‘The Cattlestops’ , one of which was a finalist for the ‘Country album of the Year’ Tui award in 2007, and featured prominently in the movie ‘Second Hand Wedding’ .

His songs have been included in a year 13 Correspondence School English syllabus, feature films, European CD compilations, and have been nominated for National Radio’s ‘Greatest Song Ever Written’. His trio Hot Club Sandwich has performed at festivals in Australia and Norfolk island, and is the only Kiwi act in recent times to have performed in Saudi Arabia.

‘high levels of poise and affability…witty lyrics that would draw quiet laughs of agreement from Mose Allison and Dave Frishberg’ – Downbeat Magazine USA 2014

‘A definite rival to Flanders and Swan’ – Steve Thomas, Arts on Tour NZ.